Fuller’s London Pride Now Available In 11.2 Oz Cans

10010550London’s most famous pale ale, will be available this summer for the first time ever in 11.2 oz cans. Offering this delicious ale in a can will provide consumers more choice in beer when spending the summer at places that prohibit glassware for safety reasons. Consumers can say “so long!” to the boring domestic lager options and quench their thirst with imported ale at summertime activities including swimming pools, music venues, country clubs, golf courses, airlines, sports arenas, and others.

On the heels of the success of the larger, 16.9 oz cans, Fuller’s decided to offer a smaller, more conveniently-sized 11.2 oz size to the U.S. market. “Fuller’s London Pride is the flagship ale of Fuller’s Brewery,” said Jeff Coleman, president of Paulaner HP USA, the official U.S. importer of Fuller’s. “We saw huge success last summer with the 16.9 oz cans. Then, consumers told us they also wanted 11.2 oz cans, so Fuller’s has brilliantly delivered.”

Now Fuller’s London Pride can be easily enjoyed at outdoor venues, especially golf courses and country clubs, which will be one of the primary spots for distribution, according to Coleman. A perfect partner for the perfect round, London Pride is easy for golfers to stick in a cooler and take on the course. After the 18th hole, golfers can make their way to the clubhouse for a London Pride on draught. It’s also the perfect party and barbeque beer pairing well with pizza, red meat and poultry.

Brewed with Target, Northdown and Challenger hops, pale malt, crystal malt, and flaked maize, London Pride has a reddish amber with brilliant clarity. In additional to the new 11.2 oz can, Fuller’s London Pride is available in 12 oz and 18.6 oz bottles, 16.9 oz cans and 50L kegs.

“And distributors know, nearly twice as many cans can be shipped over bottles for the same price. With the soaring cost of fuel and freight, today’s can technology and the added quality protection cans provide from UV light over glass bottles, import beer in cans has become and will continue to be very fast growing segment of the import category,” Coleman said.

While most beers are canned with CO2 gas, Fuller’s new London Pride 11.2 oz will use a Nitrogen droplet filling, which will better protect the finish. And, cans chill faster than their glass counterparts, so consumers will be able to enjoy Fuller’s sooner than before!

Fuller’s Brewery is located in Chiswick, London, England, and is situated on the tranquil banks of the River Thames. Beer has been brewed continuously on this site since the 1630s. Other Fuller’s brews include India Pale Ale, ESB, London Porter, 1845 Bottle Conditioned Ale and Vintage Ale.