Gears of War 3 Confirmed, Sort Of

masterchief8_gearsAs you might have known, CliffyB was supposed to debut a new game on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, but he ended up delaying the announcement for Monday instead.

Unfortunately for Epic and Microsoft, the game was revealed the following morning on Xbox Live – Gears of War 3. The ad was probably set to automatically post the morning after CliffyB’s appearance, and someone forgot to turn it off. The ad stated: “Gears of War 3 Announced: The epic story concludes April 11″.

This was one of the worst kept secrets anyway – it had already been reported that a Gears of War 3 teaser would air onTurtle Beach Flashing Gif April 8 (the date of CliffyB’s originally scheduled appearance on Fallon) and that the game would be released April 2011.

The new CliffyB appearance on Fallon will be to show off two Epic games. One will be Gears of War 3, and another a new shooter by recently acquired developer People Can Fly, who developed the Painkiller games as well as the PC port of Gears of War. The game is expected to be Bulletstorm.

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