2010 NFL Draft: Updated Tim Tebow News and Mock Drafts

tebow-bikinigirlWe are within the 2-week mark until the start of the 2010 NFL Draft, and opinions appear to be changing, or solidifying, by the day. The immediate reaction from the sports media when Tim Tebow announced he was entering the NFL Draft was that he shouldn’t waste his time. They said his quarterback skills wouldn’t translate to the NFL and he would be better off being a tight end or running back or some other position player, if anything at all.

Those opinions seem to be changing these days… and quickly.

Aside from one site comparing him to Chuck Norris, most sports media outlets are now qualifying the fact that he is indeed a potential NFL quarterback and speculate him being selected, early on in the draft, by teams needing a QB such as the Buffalo Bills or Jacksonville Jaguars. There has been additional speculation that teams who have some of the best quarterbacks in the league, like the Patriots and Colts, are interested in the services of Tim Tebow as well.

There was a shocking trade early in the week that could have changed the picture of Tim Tebow’s future employer as well. The Washington Redskins were one of the teams that were “dabbling” in Tebow, but after acquiring Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles, that will probably not be the case. End of story? Absolutely not! After that trade the Eagles will be looking for some QB help and Tim Tebow is the kind of guy that the management loves on that team. We explained the reasons right here, and until this morning, we thought the TMRzoo was the only outlet predicting Tebow being selected by the Eagles. If you read some of the mocks below you’ll see we have a partner in crime.

Here are a few more mock drafts that include Tim Tebow in on the party. Feel free to use these to help you out in our Tim Tebow Contest:


Nolan Nawrocki – Pro Football Weekly: Philadelphia Eagles – First Round

Wes Bunting – National Football Post: Buffalo Bills – First Round

Jeff Risdon – Real GM Football: Indianapolis Colts – First Round

Yep, that’s three first round selections by three different teams on three completely different mock drafts. This is only going to get more entertaining from here… only 12 more days to go. More importantly, have you entered any of these of these predictions into our Tim Tebow contest yet?

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