NFL Draft 2010: Only 1 Week to Go in All-Time Most Valuable Draft Pick Voting

draft-aikman In celebration of the 75th NFL Draft, which kicks off in primetime for the first time on Thursday, April 22, fans can help choose the 75 Most Valuable Draft Picks of all time presented by Verizon. Nearly 40 million votes have been cast to date and fans may vote on through April 18.

Following the conclusion of the fan vote, picks 75 – 11 will be announced from April 19 – April 21 on and NFL Network. The top 10 greatest Draft picks then will be revealed during the 2010 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday, April 22 at 7:30 PM ET. The Second and Third Rounds of the Draft will be on Friday, April 23 at 6:00 PM ET followed by Rounds 4-7 on Saturday, April 24 at 10:00 AM ET.

The 10 Most Valuable Draft Picks will be announced during Round 1, when many of the Top 10 will be in attendance at Radio City Music Hall, the home of the 2010 NFL Draft. The order of the Top 10 will be revealed following the conclusion of the Second Round of the Draft on Friday night. Many of these players will be on hand for the announcement. editors narrowed down the first 74 Drafts to a list of the top 320 players, consisting of 10 players from each team. Fans begin the process of determining the Most Valuable Draft Pick by choosing between pairs of players randomly generated from the list of 320 greats. After selecting winners of 30 random matchups, fans will begin to build their own Top 10 list. Fans may continue to vote in order to make changes to their personal Top 10 list as well as the All-Time Top 10 announced at the Draft. Users then may share their lists and their head-to-head winners on Facebook. delivers comprehensive information on each of the 320 players, including the player’s draft information and career accomplishments to help the voters make educated selections in determining the Most Valuable Pick.


Listed below are the top 20 overall Most Valuable Draft Pick vote-getters through April 7. Players are listed in alphabetical order. The team listed is the team that drafted the player.

Troy Aikman – Dallas Cowboys – 1989; Round 1, Pick 1
Terry Bradshaw – Pittsburgh Steelers – 1970; Round 1, Pick 1
Tom Brady – New England Patriots – 2000; Round 6, Pick 199
Jim Brown – Cleveland Browns – 1957; Round 1, Pick 6
Dick Butkus – Chicago Bears – 1965; Round 1, Pick 3
Brett Favre – Atlanta Falcons – 1991; Round 2, Pick 33
Ray Lewis – Baltimore Ravens – 1996; Round 1; Pick 26
Ronnie Lott – San Francisco 49ers – 1981; Round 1, Pick 8
Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts – 1998; Round 1, Pick 1
Dan Marino – Miami Dolphins – 1983; Round 1, Pick 27
Joe Montana – San Francisco 49ers – 1979; Round 3, Pick 82
Randy Moss – Minnesota Vikings – 1998; Round 1, Pick 21
Walter Payton – Chicago Bears – 1975; Round 1, Pick 4
Jerry Rice – San Francisco 49ers – 1985; Round 1, Pick 16
Barry Sanders – Detroit Lions – 1989; Round 1, Pick 3
Deion Sanders – Atlanta Falcons – 1989; Round 1, Pick 5
Mike Singletary – Chicago Bears – 1981; Round 2, Pick 38
Emmitt Smith – Dallas Cowboys – 1990; Round 1, Pick 17
Lawrence Taylor – New York Giants – 1981; Round 1, Pick 2
Rod Woodson – Pittsburgh Steelers – 1987; Round 1, Pick 10

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