Playboy Tells Kate Gosselin To Keep Her Clothes On. Is Hustler Magazine’s Larry Flint Her Last Hope?

kate-gosselin-bikini-4Magazine icon and idol of 90% of the world’s male population Hugh Hefner had a bitter dose of reality for Kate Gosselin. The 84 year old perennial playboy was asked if Kate Gosselin would be gracing the pages of Playboy.

Hef said, “No! No!” Hef then spiked the ball in the endzone by saying he didn’t know why she was even on “Dancing with the Stars.” stating she is not a celebrity

The publisher was recently in talks with a 75 year old Shirley Jones to do a pictorial. This means Playboy feels men would rather see an elderly Partridge Family mom nude.  It seems there is no way Hef will let the  35 year old Kate drop her laundry in the Playboy photo studios.

I am sure in the next few days an offer will arise from Larry Flint. This could be a great 16th minute of larry-flint-chocfame for Kate. The only difference between doing Hustler and Playboy is, Kate will have to work on her “downward facing peace sign” for Hustler. If Kate does the classic men’s magazine finally many questions will be answered.

We recently asked “Did Kate Gosselin Get a Brazilian Wax?” It seems we are very close to getting our answer. It just will not be answered in Playboy. If we are to get an answer it seems American hero Larry Flint is our only hope.