Ratt’s New Disk “Infestation” Revisits The Band’s Classic Sound

coverIt seems of late there has been an influx of 80’s metal bands not only hitting the road but also releasing new disks. Some of these artists like The Scorpions continue to evolve delivering great new disks. Others are simply cashing in with redux and leftover material like last year’s release by KISS, Sonic Boom.

When Ratt’s new disk “Infestation” came across my desk I wrongly thought it was fall closer to the “Sonic Boom” category. The song titles are a bit dated. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The disk opens with “Eat Me Up Alive”. At first blush the album seems a lot like classic Ratt but a bit heavier. This could be from the addition of Carlos Cavazo.

Ex Queit Riot axeman and Randy Rhoades replacement Carlos Cavazo has taken over the guitar duties for the deceased Robbin Crosby. Crosby passed away in 2002 reported causes of his death include AIDS-related complications and heroin overdose.

Cavazo’s guitar adds a lot of needed bottom to Ratt’s sound. Warren DeMartini is an incredibly talented guitarist, but he never had the biggest guitar tone. Songs like “Look Out Below” and “Take A Big Bite” seem to benefit from the addition of Carlos Cavazo’s heavier signature style. The two guitarists complement each other fantastically swapping lightning fast licks and ripping fat twin solos.

If I had any critique of this disk it would be that it sounds a bit over processed. The DeMartini’s guitar is tightly compressed with a ton of chorus. Steven Pearcy has everything on his voice available with tons of flange and echo in spots. But that is the Ratt sound, isn’t it?

I am a luke warm Ratt fan at best and I am thoroughly enjoying this disk. I am sure that you Ratt and Warren DeMartini fans will fall in love with this disk instantly.

This disk is not the holy grail of metal, but if you are a Ratt fan you are in for a treat. This is a solid disk from a great band. The writing is fresh and imaginitive. The musicianship is over the top good and Steven Pearcy sounds every bit like he did in the “Out of the Cellar” days.