A List Star Gets B Cups: Kate Hudson Shows Off Her New Breast Implants (Photos)

Kate Hudson 9Kate Hudson has gone the extra mile for her fans. It seems Kate did a bit of aftermarket accessorizing, and she recently bought herself new breasts.

According to Us Weekly Hudson had small implants put in. Recent photos of Kate in a bikini seem to suggest she had something done. One of US Weekly’s sources said. “Kate makes jokes about her boobs, but her chest has always been one of her biggest insecurities.

Kate was recently the butt of many jokes about her small breasts after dating Yankee star Alex Rodriguez. Many Yankee haters remarked A-Rod liked Kate because she was built like a boy.

Kate’s mom actress Goldie Hawn obviously handed the flat chested gene to her daughter. Unlike Kate mom Goldie has had no problems bringing her A game and putting her A cups on display. We have seen Goldie Hawn topless on O’ so many occasions.

Boobs or not you have to admit Kate Hudson is one of the most beautiful actresses of our generations. If her new boobs make her feel good then damn-it then we feel good about her boobs too.

Pics pop for bigger (but not surgically enhanced) images