Does Alyssa Milano Eat Kittens To Maintain Her Killer Shape?

Alyssa Milano 8We get bombarded 24-7 by weight loss and exercise ads that claim they will give us bodies like the Hollywood elite. For years the everyday person has tried to mimic the lipo’d and surgically enhanced figures of the beautiful people. In most cases the results of these efforts have been unsuccessful or temporary at best. That is until now, Hollywood’s dirty little secret in now in the open.

The blogosphere is blowing up with reports that Hollywood’s hottest actresses are eating kittens to augment their bikini bodies. Kittens are known for their HGH like properties and are eaten by top athletes behind closed doors. It seems that Hollywood’s hottest are now ingesting the felines to help them endure body shredding workouts. This phenomenon is known as “being on the fur”.

One name that keeps coming up as “being on the fur” is “Who’s The Boss” and “Charmed” star Alyssa Millano. Our sources tell us that Alysa was introduced to kitten eating on the set of Poison Ivy 2. This is the first film where Alyssa Milano appeared nude. Making sure her body looked great was a top priority for the actress. Reports are that Milano loved eating kittens from the very begining. People in the know said “Alyssa couldn’t get her hands on enough kittens”. Our insiders also tell us that Milano has continued her habit of eating kittens throughout her professional movie career.

Take a look at these clips and you tell us if you think Alyssa Milano is “on the fur”.


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