Gear Giveaway – TV Jones Color Logo Tee Shirt

TV Jones shirt grayTo celebrate the release of the TV Jones T-Armond guitar pick up we are giving away one large gray tee-shirt to one lucky winner. The TV Jones T-Armond is an all-American made answer to the modern DynaSonic/DeArmond pickup. The TV Jones T-Armond uses all American-made magnets and an improved design that makes this pickup look and sound much better than a modern DeArmond. With adjustable cylinder magnets, each string can be dialed in for the perfect, sweet DeArmond tone.

You can read more about the T-Armond pickups here or order your pickups on the TV Jones website.

tv jones t armond pickupsTV Jones T-Armond Description: Many players of modern DynaSonic pickups complain that the neck pickup has too much output and is too boomy, and the bridge pickup is too thin and bright. Our answer is the T-Armond, which has a clear, transparent and balanced tone in the neck position and a thicker sounding bridge version that has wider pole spacing, which places a magnet directly under each string, resulting in optimum string separation and output. Traditional DeArmonds (as well as most pickups) have the same pole spacing at the neck and bridge. All TV Jones bridge pickups are designed with this wider pole spacing and the T-Armond is no exception.


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