Miami Dolphins Trade #12 Pick In The NFL Draft To The 49ers In Hopes Of Driving Blogger Nuts

Parcells-thumb-161x168I get the feeling that Parcells is trying to mess with my head. I have been waiting for months for the draft. Today I bought the perfect beer, I BBQed up the perfect food. I have watched at least 8 hours of TV analysis and have read every work Florio has written today. I am finally parked in front of my HD TV.

When Miami got their chance to send someone to the podium of course NFL Network goes to commercial. News on the other side of the commercial is The Miami Dolphins have traded down. No Dez Bryant, no Earl Thomas…nobody. The Seahawks have already picked twice and still nothing from Parcells and Co. Of course the Seahawks picked up Safety Earl Thomas.

I am sure this is a grand scheme to make me nuts. But I will just crack another beer and keep the faith. Bill will make something happen.