Dez Bryant Needs To Shut Up And Man Up

Dez BryantRookie receiver Dez Bryant took offense with Miami Dolphin General Manager Jeff Ireland asking him if his mother was a prostitute during his pre drat interview. Bryant’s response to this question was to reveal this line of questioning immediately after the 2010 NFL Draft.  Dez Bryant hasn’t caught a pass in the NFL yet and he has been the lead story for days. My advice to Dez is, catch a pass in the NFL before you decide to rock the boat of the institution that just made you a millionare. 

Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has a two generation NFL pedigree. Dez Bryant’s NFL experience has been about a week. I think Jeff Ireland may have a better idea of the environment that Dez has chosen for his professional career. The number one rule of this environment is…you don’t talk about what goes on behind closed doors.


There are many facets of the NFL that we just don’t talk about. When there is a pig pile for a loose ball we know what is being done at the bottom of that pile. Still the players will never talk about it. The eye gouging and testicular twisting that is exchanged is only the surface of the horrors the NFL doesn’t want us to know.

Do you remember last year’s Tom Brady pee pant fiasco? NFL players have been using their uniforms as a porta potty for years. When a shot of Tom’s pee drenched pants made it to national television football fans were appalled and confused. It seems the masses did not know NFL player will opt to soil their uniforms rather than miss a down. The reason most fans didn’t know about this…NFL players don’t talk.

Dez Bryant needs to get ready for more culture shock because the NFL holds many more deep and dark secrets. He is now the member of an elite fraternity. Reveling the practices of this fraternity will bring him nether fame or respect.

Now that Dez has made Jeff Ireland’s question and issue he can expect more attacks on his mother. I would imagine a Corner or Safety trying to get in Bryant’s head would have a harsher evaluation of Bryant’s mother than Jeff Ireland. I can only imagine the chants Philadelphia Eagles fans will direct to the rookie receiver. Bryant cannot run to the sidelines every time someone hurts his feelings. The best things for Dez Bryant to do right now are to squash this stupidly and go set NFL records.

In the NFL you don’t want to be a distraction to your team and you never talk about what goes on behind closed doors….but it is perfectly fine to talk about Dez Bryant’s mother.