FIFA World Cup 2010 Power Rankings: Group C Preview – USA, England, Algeria and Slovenia

USA 2Here is the match-up that most of you have been waiting for…Group C. Group C is made up of USA, England, Algeria and Slovenia. On a global scale, the USA is a force to be reckoned with in most sports. When it comes to soccer, let’s face it… we suck.

The last time the USA was in the World Cup final 4 was 1930! This year the competition is not going to be any easier. Just look at competition the USA is getting ready to face on and off the soccer field this year.

As we recently pointed out… we, here at TMR, are called upon often to cover all aspects of Men’s Entertainment. In some cases we are reporting in areas of our expertise. In other cases there is a learning curve as we report to you our readers our discoveries in new areas. This spring and summer there is definitely a learning curve as we cover The 2010 edition of the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association (or International Federation of Association Football) World Cup.

We are slowly getting accustomed to the nuances of … soccer… or football… or fútbol. As we get familiar with the sport we have found one universal theme that seems to emerge with every major sport…babes

To get the ball rolling let’s start off with photos of the footie girls, soccer babes and the hottest models for the counties of Group C.

fifaAfter you check out the babes make sure you enter to win FIFA Soccer 10 by EA Sports. To celebrate the start of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, the Zoo is giving away ONE copy of FIFA Soccer 10 by EA Sports to ONE lucky winner. In a rare event, the winner can select the game version of whichever gaming system they dersire! Entrants can “put their name in the hat” each and every day up until the start of the tournament on June 11th.

Without further delay here is our FIFA World Cup 2010 Power Rankings: The Girls of Group C. Let’s take a look and see how USA, and Slovenia, England and Algeria stack up. Good news for you World Cup newbies… we still have 5 more groups to preview.

Tell us which girls from Group C you like the most and we’ll move them to the next round… tournament style! Simply make your selection below…
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