Miss USA 2010 Contestants Are Already In A Photo Scandal

Miss-FloridaThe Miss USA contest is under fire for publishing “racy” photos of this year’s contestants on it’s website. In what could be a modest magazine spread the contestants are wearing various undergarments and are draped across beds. Some would argue that no more is shown than is exposed during the swimsuit competition. Others would point to Bethany Gerber, Miss Kansas wearing nothing but a men’s dress shirt strategically covering her naked body.

It is interesting to see a pre-pageant photo scandal. In past years most nude or racy photos have surfaced after a beauty competition and were not generated by the competition itself. Past photo scandals have included Vanessa William’s bondage themed and sudo-lesbian photo shoots.

Williams was forced to vacate the Miss America throne after the pictures surfaced. More recently Carrie Prejean was forced to give up the throne when first racy modeling pictures surfaced, only to be trumped by a solo sex tape. Prejean later made news again with her now famous nipple slip that we documented here on TMR. January 15th: Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets Over Exposed At The Beach

Lark-Marie Anton, VP of marketing and PR for Miss Universe, called the photos “tasteful,” and stated, “Each contestant felt beautiful, sexy, and relevant. We are in the business of beauty, and the contestants who compete for the title of Miss USA are not afraid to be sexy.” All 51 contest’s photos can be found here