Scores New York Adds Incentives For LeBron James To Sign With Knicks

lebron-mainSure, LeBron James is getting wooed by million-dollar offers from major corporations to make the move to NYC, but does money really talk the way Strippers walk? With the Knicks in talks to convert LeBron James into a New Yorker by signing him to a contract, offers are pouring in across the city from businesses which support this move, but the most recent offer may have just sealed the deal.

SCORES, the legendary NYC Gentlemen’s Club made famous on the Howard Stern Show by Howard and Artie Lange, has announced today that they will offer James the following if he signs with the Knicks: A lifetime pass to receive free lap dances; A dedicated “LeBron James Day” where each girl will wear his jersey when stepping onto stage, in lieu of their robe; A lifetime pass for complimentary dinners at Robert’s Restaurant.

Did someone say free lapdances for a lifetime? And how about those free lapdances for a lifetime?

asiaAs any guy knows, that shit adds up. I can’t see LeBron passing this one up, no matter how much he stands to make. What better retirement plan is there than free lapdances until you die?


Check out for more details on the Gentlemen’s Club. If you’d like to take a “Safe for Work” peek at our gallery of Scores Girl Asia, just click the image to the left… or you can just go to the club to see her “in the flesh”.

See you at Scores.