Is Freddy Loose in China? Suicides Plague Foxconn, Exorcist Brought In

Fredd Nightmare On Elm Street Classic

What is going on over at Foxconn? Since they’re an electronic supplier, you may not have heard of them, but if you own any hardware made by Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony, chances are you have some electronics that came out of a Foxconn plant.

A plant that has seen NINE suicide attempts so far this year, seven of which were successful. The latest victim was found with a bloody knife and multiple stab wounds after falling from the 7th floor of a company dormitory.

This is apparently nothing new at Foxconn either: back in July of 2009 a man killed himself after being questioned over a missing iPhone prototype (looks like Gray Powell dodged a bullet there!)

It’s apparently gotten so bad that Foxconn is now bringing in an exorcist do deal with the “negative incidents”.

Here’s the thing: I’m not naive enough to think that working in a Chinese factory is going to be a cakewalk, but if working for your company is so stressful that it drives 9 of your co-workers to try and kill themselves in suspicious ways (”10 stab wounds – worst case of suicide I ever seen!”) in less than a year, you might have bigger problems that an exorcist cannot solve.

“Special report by Jordan Lund”

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