Different Strokes On Diff’rent Strokes: Remembering Dana Plato

Dana Plato 11Gary’s Colman’s death is the latest of a long line of tragedies tied to the hit TV show Different Strokes. Todd Bridge’s drug fueled entanglements with the law have been widely reported. The young actor that charmed us as Willis Jackson became angry and sometimes dangerous adult. Bridges like Colman found himself in court more than once facing assault charges. More than a half dozen court appearances just for assault between the two of them.

The most tragic member of the Different Strokes was Dana Plato. Dana was  let go from the show after producers would not write her real life pregnancy into the show. The series seem to hobble on for a few more years without Plato but was eventually cut short in its eighth season.

Like Coleman Dana Plato took menial jobs to support herself and her child. Still when the opportunity presented itself Dana cashed in on her biggest asset…her sexuality. Dana Plato was the object of desire for a generation of young men. She first cashed in by doing a nude photo shoot for Playboy in 1989. Later she was featured in Rated X films doing everything from group sex to lesbian scenes.

So while the moment is still about Gary Colman there is no way we would do a photo gallery of a tiny man here at TMR. It is just not our style. So here is our tribute to Gary’s co-star Dana Plato, some pictures in all her naked glory.