Debrahlee Lorenzana Was Fired From Her Job At Citibank For Being Too Hot (Pics)

debrahlee-mainBy now, most of you have heard Debrahlee Lorenzana’s story, whether you heard about it during your morning drive or read about it on one of a million websites. According to Debrahlee, the story is this… her bosses at a Citibank branch ordered her to button-up or get out since they simply could not concentrate while she was around wearing her business-sexy outfits. She was forbidden to wear “pencil skirts, three-inch heels, or fitted business suits” while on the job.

Yes, this is a true story.

Now, since this is a men’s interest site, and we tend to be experts on the subject, we can completely understand. When there is a hot chick around, blood exits your brain and travels to another part of your body… causing the male of the species to go bat shit goofy with one thing on his mind. She must have been nearby when these guys made this decision because why the hell would you want a hot chick to put on more clothes or go away unless you were lightheaded.

Jack Tuckner, Debrahlee’s attorney, had the best quote so far… “It’s like saying,” Tuckner argues, “that we cannot think about you except in a sexual manner—and we can’t look at you without wanting to have sexual intercourse with you. And it’s up to you, gorgeous woman, to lessen your appeal so that we can focus!” If you’re also moving past an undeserved job exit, you can hire wrongful termination lawyers to protect your rights.

I know, I know… you’re asking yourself why the hell are we reporting this for the hundreth time. Well, have you seen Debrahlee yet? Look below and decide for yourself:

Now, this is the exotic look that drives me crazy, but I still can’t decide whether Ms. Lorenzana is hot enough to be fired or not. The only way for me to decide would be for her to send us some more revealing pics so we can post them and put it to a vote.