Samuel Adams Is Teaming Up With Meat Expert Jake Dickson To Develop The Boston Lager Cut

0610_sam_adamsJust in time for summer grilling, Jim Koch and the brewers at Samuel Adams announced that they are teaming up with celebrated meat expert Jake Dickson to develop the Samuel Adams Boston Lager ® Cut. This new cut of meat, launching in June, promises to be the ultimate beef and craft beer flavor combination. The brewers and Jake, owner of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, a specialty meat purveyor in New York City, will tap into their collective expertise to develop this original beef cut which will perfectly pair with Samuel Adams Boston Lager’s complex flavor profile.

“Jake has the same enthusiasm for premium meats that we at Samuel Adams have for high quality craft beer, and we look forward to tapping into Jake’s experience with the development of the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut,” said Samuel Adams Founder and Brewer Jim Koch. “The full body, classic hopping, and complexity of fermentation character make Samuel Adams Boston Lager the perfect complement to beef cuts, particularly for grilling.”

The inspiration for the partnership comes from a shared passion for quality and innovation ranging from philosophy to business practices. Each year, Jim journeys around the world to source the best ingredients for the Samuel Adams family of beers, including a trek to Bavaria to hand select the world’s finest Noble hops for Boston Lager. When he launched Samuel Adams Boston Lager in 1985, Jim set out to challenge the perception of what American beer could be, giving drinkers a higher quality brew with fuller flavor than the mass-produced beers of the time.

Similarly, Jake exercises his passion for high quality meats by making weekly trips to upstate New York to hand select the finest, most humanely-raised meats. He is dedicated to providing premium, farm-raised beef, lamb, pork, goat and poultry and elevating America’s taste for artisanal meat products.

“Since opening my shop in 2009, I’ve been looking to create something truly unique that my customers have never tasted before,” said Jake. “Developing the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut with the brewers at Samuel Adams is a great way to show Americans that the art of butchery goes way beyond fast food burgers—it is truly a craft.”

Launching this June, the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut promises to be a palate pleaser for the craft beer aficionado and the beef lover alike. The Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut will be available at Dickson’s Farmstand Meats and other select retailers.

The Boston Beer Company began in 1984 with a generations-old family recipe that Founder and Brewer Jim Koch uncovered in his father’s attic. After bringing the recipe to life in his kitchen, Jim brought it to bars in Boston with the belief that drinkers would appreciate a complex, full-flavored beer, brewed fresh in America. That beer was Samuel Adams Boston Lager®, and it helped catalyze what became known as the American craft beer revolution.

Today, the Company brews more than 21 styles of beer. The Company uses the traditional four vessel brewing process and often takes extra steps like dry-hopping and a secondary fermentation known as krausening. It passionately pursues the development of new styles and the perfection of its classic beers by constantly searching for the world’s finest ingredients. While resurrecting traditional brewing methods, the Company has earned a reputation as a pioneer in another revolution, the “extreme beer” movement, where it seeks to challenge drinkers’ perceptions of what beer can be. The Boston Beer Company strives to elevate the image of American craft beer by entering festivals and competitions the world over, and in the past five years it has won more awards in international beer competitions than any other brewery in the world. The Company remains independent, and brewing quality beer remains its single focus. While Samuel Adams is the country’s largest-selling craft beer, it accounts for just under one percent of the U.S. beer market. For more information, please visit

After working in marketing for a number of years, Jake Dickson became determined to make a career switch and find something more fulfilling. Researching food-based businesses he found that the market for high-quality, humanely raised meat was lacking, and saw an opportunity to marry his passion with his life’s work.

Working on multiple farms, in butcher shops, and at a small slaughterhouse outside Albany, Jake soaked up as much information as he could, determined to provide consumers with the best product available. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats began as a small scale retail operation, with Jake filling online orders around New York City and at local farmer’s markets out of his truck. Over time the demand grew and Jake brought his operation to the well-known food destination, Chelsea Market, in the fall of 2009.

Now with his first storefront, Jake has been able to expand his offerings, adding poultry, house made sausages, charcuterie, and prepared foods. He can be found at the butcher shop on a daily basis, offering recipe tips, facts about varying cuts and providing insight into the meat industry. For more information, please visit