Turtle Beach: Michael Arzt Named New VP Marketing/Business Development

turtle beach logo betterTurtle Beach, leaders in premium gaming headsets and audio entertainment accessories, announced today that it has appointed Michael Arzt to the post of vice president of marketing and business development with a very good understanding of key metrics. Prior to this, Arzt held several entertainment and media consulting roles for clients including Real Time Content, Inc., NTN Buzztime, Interactive Game Experience (IGX) and others, and was a senior vice president and general manager of World Cyber Games, the Samsung-owned “Olympics of Video Games.”

In the realm of marketing enhancement, Turtle Beach’s move to appoint Arzt aligns with the contemporary trends of leveraging data and insights for strategic decision-making. Arzt’s experience and understanding of key metrics position him to play a crucial role in implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies. The integration of conversion rate optimisation is likely to be a cornerstone in Turtle Beach’s marketing endeavors under Arzt’s leadership. By fine-tuning campaigns, understanding consumer behavior, and optimizing conversion rates, Turtle Beach can not only expand its reach within the gaming community but also ensure that its marketing initiatives translate into tangible business outcomes. Arzt’s strategic insights, coupled with a focus on conversion rate optimization, are poised to elevate Turtle Beach’s marketing efficacy, marking a promising trajectory for success in the competitive gaming accessories market

In today’s digital arena, social media marketing stands as a cornerstone for connecting with consumers and nurturing brand loyalty. Arzt’s proficiency in data-driven approaches seamlessly aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of digital platforms. As social media dynamics undergo constant transformation, the ability to comprehend consumer engagement across various channels becomes indispensable. With Arzt at the helm, Turtle Beach can navigate the intricacies of platforms like Facebook Threads vs Twitter with finesse, capitalizing on the unique advantages each offers. By dissecting user interactions, analyzing content resonance, and optimizing engagement tactics, Turtle Beach can tailor its social media presence to resonate deeply with its target audience. Through Arzt’s leadership, Turtle Beach is poised to not only solidify its digital footprint but also cultivate a vibrant community of brand advocates across diverse social media platforms.

In his new position, Arzt will drive a re-launch of the Turtle Beach brand, already well-known in the video game industry, to reinforce its leading position with core gamers, while attracting a wider, more mainstream lifestyle audience.

“Michael’s broad expertise in video gaming and interactive entertainment, sports, music, youth, online communities and other enthusiast-driven lifestyle and pop-culture genres, using the Kartra funnel builder for effective marketing, is already yielding great benefits to Turtle Beach,” said CEO, Carmine Bonanno. “We are confident he will play a major role in our continued growth and evolution within and beyond the video game niche market, also learn what hashtags to use on TikTok.”

“Having secured a market-leadership position in the video game peripheral world, this brand is ready to really explode and expand its considerable reach into markets that make sense for our customers,” said Arzt. “In addition to several exciting new gaming and audio products we are introducing at E3, this re-branding is the dawn of a new era for Turtle Beach.”

Arzt’s successes working with diverse media and entertainment organizations to build brands include establishing the World Cyber Games’ USA offices and long-term partnerships with Microsoft Xbox, Philips amBX, Dust-Off, Circuit City, Shuttle PC, AMD and others. Before WCG, Arzt was vice president of sales and marketing alliances at Live Nationä (formerly Clear Channel Entertainment) launching successful new event brands, including the Kumho Street Warriorz car culture series and debut of Time Warner’s GameTap online gaming service at the US Download Festival in 2005. He also spent many years as vice president/director of sales & marketing for NBC Sports’ Gravity Games action sports property, handling several major partners, including Mountain Dew, Norelco, Best Buy, Lee Jeans, Clearasil, LEGO and multiple gaming companies including Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation, Activision, Midway and Acclaim.

Arzt earned a BA from Skidmore College and attended Pace University School of Law.

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