Child Seen Drinking Beer at Philadelphia Phillies Game (Video)

philly-beer-kid-mainI’m starting to think I should kick off a new section of the site entitled: This Week in Philadelphia Sports Fandom.” Those of you who haven’t heard about the latest incident just collectively asked yourselves “Uh oh, what now?”

During this past Sunday’s broadcast, as the Phillies were receiving what is becoming regular ass-whoopings by opposing teams, a young child was caught on the TV camera drinking a beer. What do I mean by child? A 12 or 13-year old taking a swig of dad’s beer? No, I’m talking pre-school child, no older than three or four years.

As a man who was born and bred in the City of Brotherly Love, this is starting to get a bit hard to defend. I’m sure this is pretty innocent and no man or woman is letting their toddler drink a beer, but it is at least a case of neglect. Well, unless the kid took the keys to the car, drove to the game himself, parked, found his way into the stadium, bought a scalped ticket and enjoyed a nice day out in the sun with a cold brewski… if that was the case, then have at it son, you deserve it.


The video clip of the official broadcast was all over YouTube yesterday, but it is being pulled by MLB faster than they can stay up. Here’s one that was working at the time of this post (but will probably be removed by the time you are reading this), it appears that the kid is sitting on grandpa or great-grandpa’s lap while taking a few swigs. By the looks of it, I’m pretty sure that if an atomic bomb went off in the stadium, grandpa wouldn’t notice:


Other recent incidents at Philadelphia Phillies games include some jackass force-vomitting on other fans and teenager getting tased as he ran onto the field.

Tune back in next week as we bring you another edition of “This Week in Philly Sports Fandom”… if the Phillies keep up the slide they are on, we may have to start bringing you two editions per week.