Andrew Walks, Mikey Gets Tossed Last Night on Hell’s Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 2

ramsay-mainLast night on Hell’s Kitchen 2010, Chef Gordon Ramsey felt they were a little weak in the last show, so he wanted them to go back to basics.

His idea was to wake them at 5 O’clock and have them break off into teams and cook four different egg dishes: scrambled, soft-boiled, poached, and sunny-side up.

Salvatore, with the severe accent, failed miserably with awful scrambled eggs, and it appeared that Ramsey was going to go off on him, but he changed course and went after Siobhan instead.

Ramsey asked Siobhan, who was without a teammate and was directed to cook by herself, how long she boiled her soft-boiled egg. First, she said that she cooks eggs every day and has a good feel for how long they have to cook. That’s great, but didn’t answer the question, so he asked again. Her second answer was that her teammates helped her. She replied that she was under the pressure of her teammates and let them help her. Then she said that it was Autumn who was pressuring her. Yeah, way to toss your teammate under the bus, then back it up over her. As fun as it was watching Ramsey yell at her for not following the simple directions of working alone, a simple answer of, “2 ½ minutes, Chef,” at the first question, would have saved an awful lot of drama.


Jaime and Holly scored all four of their points, and they were the only team to do so. Really? How friggin’ hard is it to make a poached egg, a scrambled egg, a soft-boiled egg, and a sunny-side up egg? My daughter could do that when she was 12. And these future Julia Childs’ are supposed to be good enough to run the kitchen at the Savoy? You have got to be kidding (you may see this lament or one like it a lot in this blog over the next couple of months, so don’t be upset when you do. You’ve been forewarned!)

The men ultimately won this ridiculous challenge and for their victory they earned a helicopter ride and a beautiful lunch with Chef Ramsey. Here we learned that Salvatore is a man-whore who slept with 30-40 women and really not much else.

While the guys were chatting up Gordon during lunch, the women were prepping for the dinner service and bitching about losing the challenge.

As the chefs(??) filed in for dinner service, Ramsey got them together to quiz them on the menu that they would be using. They were supposed to have studied the menu the night before and by this point they should have known everything on it.

First question to Salvatore: Salvatore, what’s the desert?

Salvatore: Uh, uh, I don’ know (insert your thickest Italian accent here)

Ramsey: You should know the menu by now (voice raised). You can’t name me one desert? (louder) Get out!! Go learn the menu and come back!

So, after a time, Ramsey sent someone up to get Salvatore. Ramsey quizzed him with the same question and the knucklehead got 2 of the 4 deserts wrong.

Back in the Red kitchen, Siobhan threw Autumn under the bus yet again, this time it happened when she was making risotto and Autumn was seasoning it for her. Ramsey asked why one of them was making it while the other one was seasoning it. Siobhan immediately said Autumn keeps coming over and seasoning it. Ramsey told her to tell Autumn to get lost. Siobhan said that she tried but she just won’t go.

Nice. So now, not only has Siobhan run Autumn over with the bus, then backed up over her, but now she’s gotten out of the bus, scraped her dead carcass off the ground, and threw it on the grill. I’m sure by now, Autumn wants to stick Siobhan’s head in the oven.

Back in the Blue kitchen, Ramsey got in Andrew’s face, telling him that he was a loser and threw him out. Jean Phillipe, the maître’ de, took Andrew aside and told him that there were many people who would love to be in his shoes right now. Andrew promptly took off his shoes and gave them to Jean Phillipe and said, “Give them to them. I’m done.” And out the door he went, presumably off to slaughter animals and eat them partially cooked. You gotta hand it to the kid, he has moxie, if not gross eating habits.

Somehow they made it through the dinner service with no casualties, but there was no winner on this night as Chef Ramsey declared that both teams were awful and neither deserving of a victory. He sent both teams up to the dorm to each pick one person from which he would choose one to leave Hell’s Kitchen.

After some major deliberation, the Red team selected Autumn, seemingly because she oversalted the water in the beginning of the service. What is it about this chick that they just can’t stop throwing her under that bus? Was she the kid in high school who got stuffed in the locker at gym? The one who got the finger pointed at them in math class when the teacher wanted to know who’s note fell on the floor? Damn! Rough stuff.

The Blue team selected Jason, because he undercooked his chicken during the dinner service. Good a reason as any, I guess. Even though Mikey was awful through the whole service and he knew it. Ramsey really seemed quite shocked by both choices and in fact, asked the Red team if Autumn really was the worst cook on the Red team. They all said, no. He demanded to know who was. When they said Jamie, he told Autumn to get back in line and called Jamie up there instead to defend herself. She told him that she had heart. Great defense.

Jason said that he knows he messed up the chicken, but he can do better. Better defense.

Gordon Ramsey, in what is turning into a crazy season already, went against both teams and called out Mikey (with the Hell’s Kitchen tattoo on his abs). Ramsey said that for two services Mikey didn’t back up his team. Last week with raw fish and this week with uncooked rice for the risotto. He is outta here.
Ramsey felt he just couldn’t cook.

The funny thing is, Mikey knew that he should have been the one going home. He was shocked that he wasn’t the one standing in front of Ramsey defending himself to begin with. Karma is a funny thing sometimes.

At least he has his cool tattoo to remind him of his great run, if you want to call two episodes a great run. I know that we’ll forget his name by week 4, and he’ll be, “that guy with the tattoo”. By week 8, he won’t even be that.