FIFA 2010: Decline of the British Empire

USA 2Rivalries are truly what make sports so great – Yankees and Red Sox, Duke and North Carolina, and the Lakers and Celtics to name a few. Nothing seems to up the ante in a sporting event more than bad blood.

There’s one oft neglected rivalry, however, that has all these beat by a few hundred years – USA/England. And while it’s been a while since their last head-to-head battle both in sports and in legitimate conflict, bad
blood doesn’t take a day off.

On behalf of the United States of America and the 2010 World Cup, we at LBi NY present to you, the Decline of the British Empire:

About FIFA World Cup: “The FIFA World Cup is a competition staged on a scale of massive proportions and it is abundantly clear that this could not be achieved – and with such success — without the support of our commercial partners. It is FIFA’s stated mission to not only develop the game, but also to touch the world and build a better future through our various development programmes and humanitarian initiatives. Our sponsors are integral to making this pledge a reality.”Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA President