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Twilight_castThe Web, TV and radio have been reporting non-stop on the upcoming premier of the 3rd installment of the Twilight series. It seems that you can not look at any form of media without seeing Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and the often shirtless Taylor Lautner. We at TMR Entertainment have also been covering this phenomenon since it’s inception.

Twilight has spawned a rebirth in interest about everything Vampire. We haven’t seen this kind of blood sucking frenzy since Ann Rice’s series the Vampire Chronicles. The most obvious difference being Anne Rice is a brilliant author and Stephenie Meyer churns out crap.

At first I couldn’t tell if the Twilight series sucked so much because of the acting or the writing. On further inspection Twilight is horrible across the board. The CGI is cheesy, the story lines are horrible…the acting? If you can call it acting is dreadful.

Cast in point look at Kristen Stewart’s latest flop, The Runaways. Kristen got to play one of the most iconic women in rock and roll and destroyed the character. Her portrayal of Joan Jett was so bad I don’t think this movie is even going to DVD. Why waste the plastic, no one is ever going to watch it.

What people will watch is Twilight. This horrible money suck designed for mindless little tweens, sexually frustrated housewives and gay men continues to evolve. I can excuse a 12 year old for watching this crap. I can also excuse gay men for being into this series. 80% of these films is shirtless young guys. I know for a fact if Kristen Stewart was topless for 80% of the film more of us straight guys would find an interest in it.

What baffles me is why a grown woman would waste her time with Twilight books or movies. I guess Twilight provides fat housewives a fantasy world to emerge themselves in. Most of these housefraus were probably ignored when they were Bella’s age. Now in their fantasy world of Twilight they can be the pretty girl. How sad is that. You women need to get off the sofa and wipe the orange Cheeto dust off of yourselves. Have some self respect.

Forbidden PlanetSo here is the big sweepstakes: Don’t go to see Twilight Eclipse and you win back your self respect. How is that for a giveaway everybody wins! Just look at us …turning all of you Twilight losers into winners.

In the interest of fair play we did lure readers here by promising a prize. So here it is. The person with the best comment below will win my personal pre-watched copy of the 1956 sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet. Watler Pidgeon and Leslie Nielsen are great in this flick. Adding to the entertainment Anne Francis wears one of those pointy Madonna push-up bras through the whole film. Let’s see Kristen Stewart do that!

My dog got a hold of it and chewed the corner a bit and it skips a little. Still it is ten times more enjoyable to watch than anything Stephanie Meyer ever wrote.

Good luck and remember if no one sees Twilight Eclipse everybody wins.