FIFA World Cup 2010 Power Rankings: Group G Preview and Fixtures – Brazil, Côte d-Ivoire, Korea DPR and Portugal

Brazil2The FIFA World Cup has begun . We at TMR Zoo feel we have definitely done our due diligence to get more familiar with this sport with each new preview. We have just two more to go.

We are slowly getting accustomed to the nuances of … soccer… or football… or fútbol. As we get familiar with the sport we have found one universal theme that seems to emerge with every major sport… babes!

As we do with all sports we are unfamiliar with, we try to lean about the sport by learning about the fans. That is why over the past few weeks he have been bringing you the hottest photos of the footie girls, soccer babes and the hottest models for the counties of the the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association (or International Federation of Association Football).

Without further delay here is our FIFA World Cup 2010 Power Rankings: The Girls of Group G. Let’s take a look and see how Brazil, Côte d-Ivoire, Korea DPR and Portugal stack up. Good news for you World Cup newbies… we still have 1 more group to preview and it is coming later today.

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Tell us which girls from Group G you like the most and we’ll move them to the next round… tournament style! Simply make your selection below…
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