Australia vs. Germany: Preview, Predictions and Odds

Germany-2a Australia v. Germany Preview, Predictions and Odds: Group D Is In The Spotlight Today As Serbia and Ghana Also Take The Field

We have been very upfront about our limited knowledge of soccer…um, I mean football. This does not mean we expect a pass or we are going to post fluff about the World Cup. As we educate ourselves on this game called football we hope to share our findings with you readers.

Group D looks like a tough FIFA division. Analyst say any of the 4 squads could take Group D. Still the media is focusing on Australia v. Germany today. The Serbia vs. Ghana match is being shown ESPN 3, Australia v. Germany will be on ABC at 2:30 PM for a nationwide broadcast.

To put the Australia v. Germany game in US layman terms – Germany is the 2009 New York Jets of soccer. Germany seems to perennially back into the World Cup finals. They are in one of the toughest divisions in soccer but for some reason they always rise to the top. 4 years ago Germany’s rise to the top was halted by a shutout by eventual World Cup champion Italy.

The Asian Odds are Germany over Australia by +1 – +1.5 goals. These odds may be weighing heavily on the fact, Germany won five consecutive World Cup openers. Our preliminary rankings “The TMR Babe index”, had these two teams in a dead heat. When asked which Group D team had the hottest fans Serbia ran away with the title. This left Australia v. Germany in a dead heat for second.

The “TMR Babe Index” could actually be spot on. Similar to American Football, a soccer match can also end in a tie (someone please share this information with Donovan McNabb.). The England vs. USA match ended in stalemate yesterday, it could happen again today.

Our official TMR prediction is Germany by a goal even thought The Babe Index calls for a tie. It is our first time at the big dance so we are going to play it safe.

Please enjoy this recap of the footie girls of Australia and Germany. You can check out the all of hottest soccer babes of Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H HERE.