Fat Burning Supplements Could Be The Key To Weight Loss

tmrzoo-mens-healthWhat to Take: Intek Fat Burner Evolution, Intek CLA Evolution, Intek Protein Evolution

How to Take It: Take 3 caps of the Fat Burner in the morning and take another 1-3 caps mid afternoon. Take 1 cap of the CLA Evolution with meals (3-4 caps total). Use the Protein Evolution after training and 1-3 other times throughout the day as needed.

Why it Works: The Fat Burner Evolution increases calorie burning as well as controls appetite while the CLA Evolution helps the body tap into fat as a source of fuel. Protein Evolution helps maintain muscle and keeps your metabolism going throughout the day.

What to Take: BioRhythm Olio, BioRhythm Synthrolean, Optimum Health Detox and Cleanse

How to Take It: Take 3 Olio per day, one with three different meals. Take two Synthrolean in the morning and two in the evening. Take two Detox and Cleanse before going to bed.

Why it Works: Olio help your body release fat for a fuel source while Synthrolean increases fat burning enzymes and metabolic rate. Detox and Cleanse helps you body get rid of waste built up in the digestive tract while shedding excess water.

What to Take: Intek Thermogenic Evolution, Liposlim, BioRhythm Synthrolean

How to Take It: Take 1-2 Intek Thermogenic in the morning and 1-2 midafternoon. Take 3-4 Liposlim per day in divided doses (1 with each meal). Take two Synthrolean in the morning and 2 midafternoon.

Why it Works: Intek Thermogenic is one of the more potent energizers and metabolism boosters. Synthrolean increases fat burning enzymes and metabolic rate. Liposlim helps moderate appetite while forcing the body to use fat as an energy source.

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