Italy vs. Paraguay: Preview, Predictions and Odds

Italy 1Defending FIFA World Cup Champions Italy are scheduled to hit the prime time on Monday. This year Italian squad coach Marcello Lippi could easily walk away form these matches a legend or a fool. Coach Lippi is not playing some of Italy’s best footballers. Antonio Cassano and Fabrizio Miccoli are riding the pine for issues off of the field of play.

Antonio Cassano seems to be the Terrell Owens of Italian soccer. Cassano can play the game but seems to be a distraction to the team. His short temper and inability to cooperate with management seems to have cost him a trip to South Africa.

Most analyst are picking Italy to take Group F. Most are making this predictions with a warning. In the qualifying rounds Paraguay looked great. One of the shining stars of the qualifying rounds was Paraguay star striker Salvador Cabanas. Unfortunately for Paraguay, Salvador Cabanas was shot in the head inside the “Bar Bar” night club in Mexico City. Cabanas survived the attack but obviously will not be making the trip to South Africa.

Even with out Cabanas a lot of people in the know are picking Paraguay as a dark horse to go deep into the finals. Even the odd makers are only giving the reining champions a half a goal over Paraguay. I have seen a lot of bloggers predicting a draw at 1-1.

The TMR Babe Index has Italy over Paraguay 15/11. I am going to have to bet against the Babe Index and the odds makers and pick Paraguay. Italy is known for getting off to a slow start. Paraguay have an explosive game and I would imagine this opening match will be dedicated to Salvador Cabanas. Paraguay will have too much heart in this game for Italy to handle.

Our official TMR prediction is Paraguay by a goal even though The Babe Index calls for an Italy blowout. We are done playing it safe, this match we are going out on a limb.

Please enjoy this recap of the footie girls of Italy and Paraguay. You can check out the all of hottest soccer babes of Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H HERE.