“ALL AGES” Film Reunites Boston’s Original Hardcore Punk Bands

gang_greenBoston pioneer hardcore punk bands, DYS, Jerry’s Kids, Gang Green and The FUs will perform with New York City’s Antidote and guests for a monumental reunion show at Club Lido in Revere, MA on Sunday, August 29, 2010.

Early eighties bands that spawned myriad influential groups and defined Boston’s unique hardcore movement still strong today, will play the all-ages Gallery East Reunion Show to be featured in the film xxx ALL AGES xxx. Produced by Gallery East in association with Stone Films NYC and the Boston Punk Rock Oral History Project (BPROHP), the film explores the origins and lasting cultural impact of Boston hardcore.

“Gallery East is proud to produce the xxx ALL AGES xxx documentary as acknowledgment of Boston’s contribution to hardcore culture in America,” said Duane Lucia, founder and owner of Gallery East.

“The Gallery East Reunion is an opportunity for the tribe to reconvene and reconnect,” said Drew Stone, the film’s director and singer of Antidote. “The concert will bridge the past and the present for those who were there back in the day and an introduction to hardcore for a new generation.”

From sound to style, from straight-edge ideology and DIY ethics to crossover metal and politics, DYS, Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids and The FUs cleared the path that many others followed and profited from. The Gallery East Reunion Show represents the culmination of more than a year of filming for the xxx ALL AGES xxx project. Tickets are not yet available as other bands continue to be added to the line up.

“Of all the reunion offers we’ve received over the years, the chance to do it in our home city, in support of old friends, and have it all filmed as a climax to the Boston Hardcore movie was the one we had to say yes to,” said Jonathan Anastas, DYS co-founder and bass player. Added DYS co-founder and singer Dave Smalley, “Duane and Gallery East were very important to our growth as a band. We look forward to bringing it back to Boston.”

“Jerry’s Kids are scheduled to play the Gallery East Reunion Show and nothing else. If you want to see us, you better come.” said Bob Cenci, guitarist of Jerry’s Kids. “We promise to make it worth your while.
Gallery East and xxx ALL AGES xxx

About Gallery East and The xxx ALL AGES xxx Film
Founded in Boston in 1979 by Duane Lucia and Al Ford, Gallery East showcased young artists and musicians, including original hardcore punks. The Gallery closed its doors in 1983 but re-emerged in 2006 as a driving force that continues to support and organize community events and local artists. In 2010, Duane Lucia and BPROHP founder, Catherine “Katie The Kleening Lady” Goldman, teamed with director Drew Stone of Stone Films NYC to begin filming xxx ALL AGES xxx.

For information about xxx ALL AGES xxx, visit the film’s fan page: http://www.facebook.com/AllAgesTheFilm