Cami Parker and Camryn Cross Are the “Prizes” in Howard Stern’s “Bang My Dad” Contest (PICS)

cami-mainThis was one of those shows where you wished Artie Lange was healthy and back in the Howard Stern Show Studio. There were way too many one-liner openings during the show that Artie would have jumped on that were not taken advantage of.

To celebrate the upcoming Fathers’ Day, Howard Stern held one of those contests that only he could pull off… The “Bang My Dad” contest. This competition featured three daughters who entered their fathers, each with their own hard-luck story. The prize? What did you expect, this is the Howard Stern Show? The grand prize was a three-way “adventure” with Cami Parker and pornstar Camryn Cross from the Bunny Ranch.

Cami Parker will be featured in the next edition of Penthouse Magazine and be seen on the Cathouse show on HBO. Camryn Cross can also be seen at the Bunny Ranch and on Cathouse. They were somewhat difficult to find due to the odd spellings of their names, Cammie, Cammy, and Cameron all came up empty on Google. Anyway… here is a sampling of their “wares”, what you are really here to see. Cami is the top row of pics and Camryn is on the bottom.

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Check out and for more information on the contest, the girls and when the episode will air on Howard Stern’s On Demand channel.