New Never Released Twilight Eclipse Pictures and Awesome Video Hit The Web

eclipseThis is one of the best Eclipse pics I have seen recently. This photo captures everything Eclipse. The power, the mystery the mystique. I have been an Eclipse fan for years. I feel that a person that can’t see the beauty in the photo just doesn’t get it.

There is something about an eclipse and the beauty early evening brings to this shot. Wait a minute. Did some of you click on this website hoping you would see a picture of Twilight Eclipse? Hell no! There is no way we are posting pics for you Twi-hards to drool over.

The only way you will ever see a Twilight screen shot around here is if Bruce Willis was in the next film. Just imagine it – Twihard with a Vengeance. How cool would that be? Bruce Willis could chase all of the manscaped werewolves and sparkling vampires through an office building.

Twilight EclipseWillis is barefoot walking through glass and blasting these shitty Twilight actors with a machine gun that would bring down a plane. Man they have to make this film, it would be so cool. I can see it now as Robert Pattinson playing Edward is professing his love for Bella, out pops John McClane.

As John repelles down the elevator shaft on a rope to an open floor he pulls his trigger. The bullet rips through Edward Cullen’s head. As the shitty actor hits the ground we hear John McClane cry out. Yippie Kai Yay Motherfucker… O please make this movie.

I guess there are two more twi-shit flicks on deck. The next movie or two from the Twilight Saga will be Breaking Dawn. I am hoping after those colossal pieces of shit are released, it is Twihard with a Vengeance time. Until then I will just enjoy this picture of this beautiful Mitsubishi Eclipse shot in the majestic twilight.

Yippie Kai Yay Motherfuckers.