iPhone 4 Sold Out, Death Grip Cure Coming

Iphone 4Were you able to get your hands on an iPhone 4? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones, as it has sold 1.7 million units in three days and is utterly sold out.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the launch of the iPhone 4 “the most successful product launch in Apple’s history.” He said that retailers had to turn away some would-be customers due to short supply.

Meanwhile, one design flaw, the “iPhone 4 Death Grip” is being addressed, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Since the launch of the iPhone 4 last week, Apple has been deluged with complaints about poor reception, which many consumers say is directly related to the way the iPhone 4 is held. In the blogosphere, the bug even has its own name: The iPhone 4 death grip. But fret not, Apple fans. Help is on the way. According to the tech blog Apple Insider, Apple is preparing a death grip antidote – and it’s coming in the form of a software update for the iOS 4 system.

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