Carrie Prejean Can The Knot, These Nip Slip Pics Prove Carrie Can’t Tie A Bikini

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean and journeyman Quarterback Kyle Boller are to wed today. It is funny Carrie feels 10% of the American population doesn’t have the right to do what she is getting ready to do today. What if the majority of Americans decided shitty Quarterbacks and mindless beauty queens couldn’t wed?

Doesn’t sound fair does it Carrie? Well we are not here to make a political statement we are not a political website. We are TMR Entertainment – Men’s Entertainment Devolved. For us it is all about the beers, sports and babes. Mindless or not Carrie Prejean is smoking, nice score Kyle.

We have been following Carrie for a while and in January we posted pictures of her now famous nipple slip. For a woman that claims to be so pious there is a ton of nude content floating around the web of her.

In regards to the nip slip the Carrie Prejean sex tape is already out there and being downloaded on every torrent site in America. I guess the nipple slip inst a big thing, still we want to repost it for you.

So Kyle please save the the wedding video we have seen all the footage on your bride we need to see. So for all to see here is another look at the Carrie Prejean nip slip pictures.

If you were wondering what a $5200 boob job looks like, you got $2600 of it right here (Click for pics).