JaMarcus Russell Arrested: The NFL’s Biggest Bust Busted For Drugs

jamarcus-russell mugshot
Back in March TMR predicted The Raiders would be dropping Jamarcus Russell We also at that point not only compared him to Ryan Leaf we stated he was a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf. Now JaMarcus shares another trait with Ryan Leaf, they both have been arrested for drugs.

The Former Oakland Raiders quarterback and inspiration for the KFC Double Down was arrested today for possession of a controlled substance.


The substance was codeine syrup, according to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. This codeine cough syrup is mixed with soft drinks and is called “purple drank”. You can not get much more ghetto than “purple drank” unless you are huffing or dipping cigarettes in embalming fluid.

The past week people have been making a case for JaMarcus Rusell to make his way back into the NFL. With this bust that door is now shut. Ironically if a team did pick him up he would not be facing a suspension seeing he is not signed to a team right now.

The only hope for JaMarcus Russel now is for him to drop some weight and light it up in Canada for a couple of years. Only then would he find his way back to the NFL. Personally I don’t see that happening. My guess is you will see Ryan Leaf in a NFL uniform before Jamarcus takes a snap in the big leagues again. On a positive note I think JaMarcus just made the TMR NFL Jack Ass Hall Of Fame.

In other sports news competitive eating champ Kobayashi was also arrested this weekend. Not a good weekend for guys that like to eat way too much food.