XBOX 360 Halo: Reach Will Have Blood Gulch

Ripten is reporting that Halo: Reach will feature a map remake of the most popular Halo map of all time: Blood Gulch.

On Bungie Day, or July 7th for those of you who are less informed, Bungie aired the newest episode of Red vs Blue and the episode was based in a canyon that bore a striking comparison to the Blood Gulch that we all know and love. However there has been some changes. Aesthetically the map looks different, more lush, but at the same time still looks extremely bare. The map is also now bigger, with players being able to go up what looks like a large pathway to a huge structure, similar to the ones you enter in Halo 2 to find the “Silent Cartographer”.

Check out the video, and let us know how happy you are to enjoy Blood Gulch once again.

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