FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals: Netherlands vs. Spain As The Curtain Falls Tomorrow In South Africa

Netherlands-4aIs this crap over yet? Like most Americans I lost interest in the world cup the second the USA was knocked out. There were some folks of Brazilian, Italian and Irish decent holding on to hopes for their home countries. Now that it is down to the Netherlands and Spain I don’t think most of the world really cares about the finals.

Had this boiled down to Germany v. England or Japan v. Korea I am sure there would be some global interest in the finals. There are so many interesting storylines and such rich history among their countries. Seeing the countries in finals are a tourist destination for young European douche-bags and the leading exporter of chocolate and tulips no one really cares about these matches.

What we do care about here at TMR are the babes of these two wonderful nations. The TMR Babe Index has The Netherlands over Spain by an impressive 16/9. We are going to stay true to our roots and stick with the Babe index.

Our official TMR prediction is The Netherlands by a point. We have been doing pretty good this year so don’t bet against us. To keep you busy until game time. Please enjoy this recap of the footie girls of Argentina vs. Mexico. You can check out the all of hottest soccer babes of Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H HERE.

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