Howard Stern: Double Rainbow Original and Auto-Tune Song YouTube Videos

double-rainbowHoward Stern and the rest of the Stern Show Crew finally made it back into their SiriusXM Satellite Radio studios after a two-week vacation. For the the first time in the past few years, no celebrity died during their hiatus, finally breaking the Howard Stern Show Vacation Death Curse.

Since nobody kicked the bucket in their absence, Howard and staff spent a great deal of time playing and commenting on the YouTube video shown below. It features the capturing of a “double rainbow” on video. doesn’t sound very Stern-like does it? Well, make sure you have the audio on your computer un-muted because the “overzealous” commentary by the guy doing the filming is what had Howard rolling. There isn’t much more I can explain, you just have to watch the video…



By the end of the show, Howard was raving about an “auto-tuned” song, also on YouTube, featuring some of the marquee lines from the video. Howard played it several times, laughing out loud with each playback. That version is below:


That is some funny shit right there… but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?