AFC East Preview: The Miami Dolphins Are The Team To Beat Not The New England Patriots

No one would disagree the fact the AFC East is one of the most competitive and talented divisions in the NFL. The balance of power in this division shifts from decade to decade among it’s teams. This year the next shift of power will be complete. All eyes this year are on Miami. The rebuilding is done. It is time for Parcells and crew to put up or shut up.

Bill has been bold, he was quick to get rid of fan favorite Zack Thomas. This year Joey Porter and Jason Taylor have been shown the door. This is after an embarrassing performance by The Dolphins defense last year.

The Dolphin’s offense gave the team a comfortable cushion in multiple games last year only to see the defense let those margins slip away. This has been remedied by the addition of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. The cornerstone of Nolan’s defense will be Arizona Cardinals standout linebacker Karlos Dansby and rookie Koa Misi.

No. 1 receiver Ted Ginn Jr. was also shown the door this year. Ginn was replaced by Denver Broncos malcontented offensive stud Brandon Marshall.

Marshall’s arrival in Miami will have a huge impact on Miami’s already lethal running game. With Marshall stretching the field (in most cases taking two defenders with him) more holes will be opened for the Ronnie and Ricky Show.

Opening these holes will be new Miami acquisition Richie “The Headbutter” Incognito. Incognito was voted the NFL’s dirtiest player in a Sporting News poll of 99 players. The only downside to this Probowl quality guard is his intensity and passion sometimes comes at a cost. This cost being of the 15 yard penalty variety.

If Miami can get all of these pieces to sync there is no reason why they should not forfill owner Stephen Ross’ Superbowl predictions.

There is truly little competition in the AFC East for The Dolphins. The Jets seem fragmented. I wonder if the drama in the Meadowlands is real or fabricated for their upcoming reality show. Either way it can not be good for the team. The Jets have been busy in the off season picking up toys for their new Quarterback Mark Sanchez. The problem is these toys have been picked up in a second hand store.

The Jets have added a lot of “once great” players to their roster. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson has been brought in along with Wide Receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. Alas this will not be enough for The Jets with a QB that was 2nd in the NFL in interceptions.I guess we will find out this year if Sanchise can get the ball to his new targets.

In New England it seems The Patriots are shopping in the same used toy store. The offense has a homecoming of WR David Patten and Tory Holt has also been added to give depth. With the return of Wes Welker receivers are not The Patriots biggest issue. The Patriots need to protect Tom Brady.

The Patriots aging offensive line gives Brady protection a little better than wet newspaper. Matt “The Turnstile” Light and Stephen Neal were consistently beat by younger pass rushers last year. Though Brady was only sacked 16 times last year he was consistently under pressure. If this trend continues it will be a long and painful year for Tom Brady.

Look for The Patriots to finish a couple of games above The Buffalo Bills. All you need to know about The Bills this year is they will be picking up a top 5 slot for next year’s draft.

The Dolphins should easily take this division this year as The Jets and The New England Patriots battle for a Wildcard spot in December.

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Until then why don’t you sit back and enjoy this gallery of the hottest babes of the AFC East. Of course we threw Mrs. Brady Gisele Bundchen in the mix. Tom Brady might not win the AFC East this year but when you are going home to Gisele Bundchen does it really matter?