California Microbreweries Grow Despite Recession

Despite a difficult economy and an overall volume decline of 2.5% for the California beer market, brewpubs, microbreweries, and craft brewers increased sales 7.7% by volume in 2009. Driven by both out of state shipments and local consumption, the segment will see continued growth in 2010 of 5.8%.

With national, California, and regions within California, the report offers brewers, businessmen, and investors the ability to compare breweries at a state and local level. The 2009 Beer Report and Forecast uses federal and state data, while most other sources of market information use supermarket scanner data. The result is a complete view of the beer market, including beer sold on site at microbreweries and brewpubs.

For many small businessmen, brewers included, communicating with investors, bankers, and other businessmen is a particular challenge. Because this report offers both statewide and regional data like median microbrewery size, brewers can use the information to put their business in context for investors.