Last Night on Hell’s Kitchen 2010, Episode 13, The Four Chefs Have the Best Service Yet and No One Goes Home

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen 2010, Episode 13, Chef Ramsay opened the show by cooking for the final four.

He made them monk fish, showing them exactly how to make it and allowing them the opportunity to properly kiss his ass and tell him how beautiful and bright it looked, (uh, that would be the fish, not his ass.)

This led them directly to their challenge: teaching students with no experience whatsoever how to roast a monkfish. What was cool about this challenge was the chefs (?) were allowed to give verbal instructions only, and had only 30 minutes to complete the assignment. Verbal instruction only! Should have been a breeze for Autumn. She doesn’t shut up!

Holli naturally went with what she knew best, flirting. She told her charge that he had a nice pepper. Autumn said that she communicates well and can get her point across. Hmm, I don’t think so. Just because she never stops talking doesn’t mean that she actually says anything. She told her guy to watch the fish and she’d be right back. He didn’t know what he was watching for, but he was watching intently all the same.

Autumn’s student very nearly told Ramsay what they created, but pretty much destroyed the fish slicing it up and it never made it to the plate. So instead, he ended up making some potato concoction. Jay’s student had great presentation and described it well, and to boot, it was cooked perfectly. He actually sounded better and more confident than half the chefs (?) on the show a few weeks ago, and he’s never even been in a kitchen before.

Benjamin was confident, naturally; however, his student had never even heard of monkfish, and didn’t cook it well. Ramsay slammed him for being a culinary teacher and failing miserably. Holli’s student told Ramsay to take his time. After giving him a look that could melt iron, Ramsay tasted them and actually liked them, a lot.

His verdict: Jay and Rick. There was little doubt that this would be his choice. As the students all left, Ramsay presented them each with a copy of his newest book. Maybe they could use it to put drinks on in their living rooms. If nothing else, it’s a great conversation starter when chicks come over.

The losers had to spruce up the whole restaurant. For winning, Jay got to take a blimp ride over Los Angeles, and he got to take someone with him. Of course, he took Holli. Their closeness didn’t escape Benjamin. As they cruised over Hell’s Kitchen, Benjamin asked no one in particular if they were members of the “Mile High Club’ yet. It also didn’t escape the notice of Chef Ramsay. Upon their return he asked them if they were looking at houses together yet. They jokingly discussed whether they would live in LA or London.

Better be careful… This isn’t Survivor or Big Brother. A showmance on a show like this could quickly lead to someone’s demise…

Right before dinner service began, Ramsay told them that none of them were ready to take over the Head Chef position at the Savoy yet, and he was doing something he had “Never, ever done before, in the history of Hell’s Kitchen.” He then allowed each chef (?) to select their own station, to show their strengths.

As the doors opened for dinner service Jay took over appetizers while Holli had the fish station (Benjamin took great pleasure laughing in the background as she continuously undercooked John Dory). But it wasn’t long before he got his as he refused to answer questions and continued to show zero communication or leadership skills.

It’s obvious Benjamin can’t handle the pressure. As soon as it starts to get tense, and Ramsay starts yelling at him, he clams right up or he gets snarky and nasty. You just can’t run a kitchen, never mind a 5-Star restaurant like that. Ramsay won’t tolerate him much longer.

Autumn was failing fast on the garnish station. She just couldn’t keep up with the pace at which Ramsay was throwing orders at her. But she quickly got a hold of herself and pulled it together.

Finally, about three quarters of the way through the service, things were flowing beautifully and smoothly. It was almost like a real team in a real kitchen. Ramsay was even passing out real compliments and high fives to all of them at the end of the service. Inconceivable! And that word means exactly what I think it means!

Ramsay then sent them up to dorm telling them that they did a great job but he does not need four chefs.
Jay announced their first nominee was (shocking) Autumn. I think this girl has been nominated for eviction in every single show so far. I want to go back to last season and see if she was nominated in some of those episodes. In fact, I’m going to check some of my DVR’d episodes of Big Brother from last summer and see if she’s on the block in those too. Their reason was she had some rough services.

Their second nominee was Ben. He was the lesser of two evils and Holli has had better services. I think that actually made sense.

Ben told Ramsay that he can take control, and if given another day, he will. I don’t know about Chef Ramsay, but I’m sure skeptical. Autumn said that since she’s been there, she’s been told that she doesn’t have passion, she’s a princess, etc.. but she’s absolutely capable of running a Savoy crew. I’m pretty skeptical about that, too.

Ramsay chose Autumn… to once again get back in line. My God. This girl has more lives than any contestant in Reality TV history.

At that point, Ramsay brought out Autumn’s boyfriend and best friend, Jay’s mother and father, Holli’s 4 year old son and his father and Benjamin’s wife and one year old son. This is standard reality TV manipulation to remind the contestants what they’re playing for. It’s designed to make them work just a little harder, and it typically works.

Two interesting things happenned here: The first occurred when we bared witness to one of the most awkward moments I can remember seeing in a long time as this poor guy who came in with her son went to hug Holli and she totally blew him off while reaching for her son. The second was when we saw another whole side to Benjamin as he got to spend a few moments with his wife and one-year old kid.

As they all left, Ramsay informed us (but not the chefs (?)). in that sly way of his that after the next service, he was cutting the field in half. So they’ll pay the piper next week for no one going home this week.