Forget Snookie: The Real Girls of Jersey Shore Bare It All on the Boardwalk for

As MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore kicks off its second season this week,’s photographers hit the notorious Seaside Heights boardwalk to show the world what real Jersey Girls are made of.

The result? Four of the Garden State’s finest, wearing little more than a spray tan and black hair extensions, strut their stuff online for’s “Real Girls of Jersey Shore” pictorial

Garden State babes Allison Torres, Mandie C, Jessica Leigh and Joy Glass school Snooki on what Jersey girls are all about as they show off their sex appeal and sass in the site’s very Jersey-fied photo gallery and video reels. They also shed some light on what the situation is really like at the Shore.

“There’re a lot of cool spots at the Jersey Shore,” says Jessica Leigh. “It’s insanely crowded. Everybody’s at the beach and everybody’s dancing, laying out, getting their tan on, getting their drink on.”

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