Jamie Bestwick Wins Gold Again At X Games Sixteen

BMX legend Jamie Bestwick made X Games history yesterday as he won his fourth consecutive gold medal in the BMX Vert. In doing so he earned his place in the Guinness World Records as the first-ever athlete to achieve four repeat gold medals in the event.

Guinness World Records Live!, sponsor of the BMX Park and Skate Park at X Fest, gave X Games fans the chance to take on Jamie Bestwick and challenge their action sport hero live and in person. His appearance marked the launch of Guinness World Records Live! – the new events business from Guinness World Records which brings the thrill of live record-breaking to the public.

Jamie Bestwick visited the Guinness World Records Live! BMX park to set a new World Record for the most bunny hops on a BMX in 20 seconds. Fans were then put in the spotlight as they went head-to-head with Jamie Bestwick to beat his record and earn a place in the Guinness World Records book.

Bestwick established the record minimum at 43 bunny hops on a BMX in 20 seconds, but after a day of gallant attempts from X Games fans no one could beat the record minimum. As such it remains an open category to be challenged.

“Jamie Bestwick is undoubtedly a pro, but today Guinness World Records Live! has shown that record-breaking is open to anyone and that many people came close to making it into one of the most famous books in the world. At Guinness World Records Live! events anyone could walk away a record holder, and there will loads more events like this happening throughout the US. So people better get practising!” said Paul O’Neill, director of GWR Live!

The challenges mark the launch of Guinness World Records Live! in the United States. Guinness World Records Live! is the live events and entertainment business from Guinness World Records which brings the excitement of record-breaking to the people with interactive, engaging events.

The US launch of GWR Live! follows 18 months of phenomenal success for Guinness World Records live events in Dubai, Barcelona, Turkey, Tokyo and the UK which have been visited by more than two million people.

About Guinness World Records Live!

Guinness World Records Live! is a brand new, dynamic business area of the global Guinness World Records(TM) brand, which takes the magic of record-breaking straight to the fingertips of the public in an interactive, entertaining and accessible fashion. The Guinness World Records interactive experience involves creating an environment where the public can attempt records and become genuine record holders instantaneously. The mission is to entertain, educate and inspire people through a live Guinness World Records experience; and to celebrate ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats.