AFC West Preview: Unless San Diego Falls Into The Sea The Chargers Have The Division

My new bosses here at TMRZoo .com told me to try to keep these previews brief. I guess I can get a little long winded when talking about football. Momma thought I was going to be a mute until I was 5 years old, then for some reason I just started talking. Some folk say I haven’t shut up since. The thing I like to talk about most is football. Well football and women. So I am going to hit you with a bit of both. Here is my AFC West preview and predictions and some pictures of the hottest fans of the AFC West.

Unless you have been kicked in the head by a cow everyone knows this is The San Diego Charger’s division to loose. The one thing that could cause San Diego to loose this division is they can not stop the run.


The Chargers get The Kansas City Chiefs no-name running back corps on week one. Then it is out of the frying pan and into the fire as last year’s 20th rated run defense tries to stop The Jacksonville Jaguar’s monster running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

Leon Washington and The Seattle Seahawks face the Chargers in week two and Frank Gore’s 49ers are on the schedule later in the year.

Still most of The Charges schedule is against gunslinging offenses with the season closing against T. O.’s Cincinnati Bengals. The schedule could be in The Chargers favor.

The division team to watch will be The Oakland Raiders. Jason Campbell has a lot to prove. He just lost his team to a soup pitchman and most definitely has a chip on his shoulder. Jason Campbell is a definite upgrade at Quarterback. The big problem is Jason doesn’t have any receivers.

Still with last year’s addition of Richard “I don’t want to play for The Raiders” Seymour, a better defense could make this an 8 – 8 team. This could be on the brink of a wildcard. With a few lucky bounces or some bad coaching decisions in the division, could The Raiders make the Playoffs? I am talking about bad coaching decisions like trading the most talented offensive player in the division to The Miami Dolphins.

I have no clue what Denver was thinking. Josh McDaniels needs to get off of his high horse. Actually Josh might be the one that is high not the horse. You need to see if Demaryius Thomas is going to be able to step up before you trade Brandon Marshall…ass! Good thing Josh signed Tim Tebow because The Denver Broncos are going to need a direct connection to Jesus this year. Expect a lot a praying and hoping to come out of Mile High Stadium this year. Lucky for McDaniels they are a mile closer to heaven.

This brings me to The Kansas City Chiefs. You know the team that spent $63 million, with $28 million guaranteed and a second round draft pick for a backup Quarterback. What the hell was Scott Pioli thinking? I think the AFC West comes down to which team makes the least stupid personal decisions. Right now that team is The Chargers.

Please don’t think I am being biased in anyway. I don’t live anywhere near San Diego and I think Philip Rivers is a douche. I have to call them like I see them. It seems Denver’s egotistical coach, Kansas City’s moronic front office and Oakland’s bat shit crazy Owner will be handing the division to The Chargers this year.

So we won’t know if I am right until the season is underway. Until then one thing we can all agree on is these girls are all smoking. I wish we had more honeys like these in Yazoo, Mississippi.