NFL 2010 AFC South Preview: The Indianapolis Colts Will Dominate The Division Once Again

Being a southern boy my emotions run strong when talking about the AFC South. First off Indiana is not in the south, it is in the mid-west. Originally the Indianapolis Colts were in the AFC East which didn’t make much sense either.

Still Payton Manning is a southern boy and a lot of folks say we look alike so he gets a pass for being such a good looking fella.

Last season cornerback Tracy Porter shattered Peyton’s Superbowl dreams and delayed Peyton’s legacy as the greatest passer of all times. If The Colts had won that game Peyton would have been crowned as the NFL’s greatest passer on the spot.

Thou those dreams were shattered The Colts are in shape to take another run at a championship. In my opinion they are the most stable team in a very mediocre division.

The Colts severed ties with once respected wide receiver Marvin Harrison. I don’t know if it was luck, Peyton’s accuracy or a great eye for talent but The Colts have filled those spots well. Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, my Haitian main man Pierre Garcon and the rehabbed Anthony Gonzalez join Dallas Clark as targets for one of football’s greatest arms.

The big question in the AFC South will not be “does any team have an offence as good as The Colts?” The answer to that is definitely no. There are not too many teams in the NFL that have an offence as talented as The Colts. The defining question for this division is “Does any team have a defense that as good as The Colts offence?”

I get the feeling the answer to that question is no. The Houston Texans and The Colts had middle of the pack defenses last year. The Jacksonville jaguar and the Tennessee Titans were ranked #23 and #28 respectively. This is after The Tennessee Titians have a top ten ranked defenses in 2009 with Albert Haynesworth as its cornerstone. Albert Haynesworth just might be worth the money he is getting paid in Washington.

With the defense fading and the control of the offence back in the hands of head case Vince Young I don’t see the Titans getting better. This franchise seems to be spinning its wheels. The same could be said about division rival The Jacksonville Jaguars. These teams need to be shaken up. I can only think of one man who could save either franchise, Bill Cowher. There is no salary cap on coaches. One of these franchises needs to offer Cowher an amount of money that is so obscene he can’t walk away from it.

You are probably thinking Cletus you are an idiot (I hear that a lot) Jack Del Rio and Jeff Fisher are great coaches. Both of those guys have had more than enough time to turn these franchises around. Yet the Titans just can’t break through to the big game. The Jaguars? Well they just suck. Jeff Fisher needs to go back to doing porn anyway.

This leaves me with one team left in this division, The Houston Texans. Could these guys could actually be a contender this year? This no name offence lead by the luke warm at best Matt Schaub does nothing for me. Yes, I know Kevin Walter has moments of greatness but they are few and far between. Walter and Schaub are the types of players that have breakout games not breakout seasons and that is what this team needs.

So once again the AFC South will go for to Indianapolis Colts with The Tennessee Titans scratching for a Wildcard berth in December. I don’t think it is time for the no-name Houston Texans yet and once again The Jacksonville Jaguars with throw up on themselves.

Besides The Indianapolis Colts there is no good ole fashioned southern football in this division. One thing Jacksonville, Tennessee and Houston do have is good ole fashioned southern girls. So enjoy this gallery while I try to find an agent that will put me in some TV commercials with Justin Timberlake.