250GB Xbox 360 Slim/Kinect Bundle Leaked

Those gamers who are interested in getting a Xbox 360 Slim/Kinect bundle but are put off by having to take a 4GB Arcade SKU, there’s some good news. An Australian package for the Arcade bundle features a 250GB Xbox 360 S/Kinect bundle on the box.

The 250GB bundle appears to be very similar to the matte 4GB bundle, with the exception of the larger capacity hard drive, a glossy finish, and the inclusion of a headset. It isn’t clear what game comes with the bundle, though it’s most likely Kinect Adventures, the standard offering in both the standalone Kinect package and the 4GB Xbox bundle. The 250GB model also has the following note: “Hard Drive includes game and demos.” The demos we’re used to, but it seems that Microsoft may be foregoing an extra disc and putting the pack-in game on the hard drive itself.

Let us know if you’re interested in the 250GB Xbox 360 S/Kinect bundle.

(Thanks, Joystiq.)

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