Madden NFL 11 Released Today

A rite of late Summer is the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, where the first football exhibition game is played, as the Cowboys defeated the Bengals 16-7.

No, wait, that’s wrong. The real rite of late Summer in the game of football is the release of a new Madden NFL title, as 11 debuted at midnight last night to throngs of eager gamers who hope that this new Madden is somehow different than the throngs of Maddens that preceded it.

It must be the inclusion of President Barack Obama, as seen in the video above.

Let us know if you picked this game up and if there’s any real reason to ditch your old Madden and pick up this one. Madden is out for every conceivable console platform, even the PlayStation 2, but not for PC – that injustice is discussion for another day.

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