Maria Venus Raj Has Been Eliminated From The Miss Universe Pageant For Eating Kittens.

There is no shortage of scandals when it comes to beauty pageants. It seems this time Maria Venus Bayonito Raj known simply as Maria Venus Raj is the woman caught up in the drama. The blogosphere is blowing up with reports that Hollywood’s hottest actresses and models are eating kittens to augment their bikini bodies.

Kittens are known for their HGH like properties and have long been eaten by top athletes behind closed doors. It seems that beauty pageants contestants are now ingesting the felines to help them endure body shredding workouts. This phenomenon is known as “being on the fur”.


One name that keeps coming up as “being on the fur” is Binibining Pilipinas Miss Universe, Maria Venus Raj. Our sources tell us that Maria Venus Raj was introduced to kitten eating by second runner-up Helen Nicolette Henson. It seems the pageant contestants couldn’t keep their hands off of the fur. Reports are that Maria Venus Raj has eating kittens ever since meeting Henderson in the pageant.

Though kitten eating is not illegal is against the rules of the pageant committee. Maria Venus Raj will be stripped of her local and International beauty titles.

This is not the first scandal to be tied to a beauty pageant. Past photo scandals have included Vanessa William’s bondage themed and sudo-lesbian photo shoots.

Williams was forced to vacate the Miss America throne after the pictures surfaced. More recently Carrie Prejean was forced to give up the throne when first racy modeling pictures surfaced, only to be trumped by a solo sex tape. Prejean later made news again with her now famous nipple slip that we documented here on TMR. January 15th: Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets Over Exposed At The Beach.

One of the biggest bombshells was Former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche’s sextape with Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Andrews and his wife Rebecca Gayheart.

Maria Venus Raj was not caught participating in a sex tape or taking nude photos. Still eating kittens is just as bad. This will most likely be just another chapter in the growing list of beauty pageant scandals.

Take a look of this list of celebrities we have outed as kitten eaters in past months. Please also enjoy these hot pics of Maria Venus Raj