Fat Burning Supplement Regimens

tmrzoo-mens-healthIf getting rid of fat was easy we would all be walking around lean and ripped. Unfortunately it’s not so a little bit of help can go a long way. Check out the following product combinations to help super charge your metabolism.

The All Day Burn


2 Synthrolean with 3 Fat Burner Evolution and 2 Olio

Pre Workout

2 capsules of Yohimbe HCL with 2 Olio and either 2 scoops of BioRhythm Juice or 2 Fat Burner Evolution

Post Workout

Intek Evolution Protein shake

At Night

2 Synthrolean with 3 Deplete

This is a potent combination of products designed to get your metabolism moving. It’s not overly reliant on stimulants so you won’t feel jittery but it will get you results. This program hits fat loss from almost every angle possible.

The Cheaters Stack

We all cheat on our diets once in a while and this product combination is designed to get you back on track while minimizing any damage you may have done from cheating on your diet.

Take 2 Liposlim and 2 Tri Pharm Incinerate one half hour before each meal.

Before bed take 2 Detox and Cleanse with at least 12 oz of water.

Stimulant Junky

If you are short on energy and big on stimulants this combination is for you. It will provide a serious energy boost and as an added plus the focal adaptors in the Intek Thermogenic also will give you a bit of a euphoric feeling.

Get ready to burn some calories on this combination as well, not only does it elevate metabolism but it also is going to make you more productive during your workouts.

With breakfast take two Intek Thermogenic with 2 Tri-Pharm Incinerate.

Mid afternoon take two Intek Thermogenic with 2 Tri-Pharm Incinerate