NFL 2010 NFC West Preview: If Michael Crabtree Isn’t Locker Room Cancer The San Francisco 49ers Take The Division

When a player sucks ultimately they have limited choices. Once dropped they play in the CFL, UFL or go to sell cars at Bob Smith’s Auto Mile. Why don’t we have this option when a team sucks? Or in the case of the NFC West when the entire division sucks.

The NFC West is so bad that any team in the NFC East could rule that division for years if added to this pack of mediocre teams. The Arizona Cardinals were in the big show two years ago. They are now missing a lot of the offensive and defensive parts that got them to the big game. The big departure is Quarterback Kurt Warner. Without play makers like Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin and Karlos Dansby I don’t see this team doing much this year. With that in mind they could still take the division.

This is a division that now has Pete Carroll at the helm of the Seattle Seahawks. Carroll is a man of questionable character and limited skills at the pro coaching level. Do we forget so soon the end of his rein at Foxboro? Then QB Drew Bledsoe started calling his own plays and ignoring the coach in that last game against The Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots won that game bringing them to 8 -8 and sending Pete Carroll back to coaching at the college level.

Seattle Seahawks fans get ready to go 8 – 8 if you are lucky. Pete Carroll the ultimate cheerleader is back in the NFL for another 2 years. I will say the Seahawks will do a lot better than The St. Louis Rams.
I find it difficult to find words to describe how bad this franchise is. Owner Anne Walton from Walmart fame needs to put a rollback special on this nightmare and sell this team.

To make this more of a shitshow Adam Joshua Feeley known as A. J. Feeley is listed as the starting QB going into the regular season. Feeley is bad enough if he has weapons but with this no name receiving corps this is going to be a nightmare. Having a marquee receiver will not automatically make your season. Just look at Michael Crabtree in San Francisco.

For the second year in a row Michael Crabtree is a distraction at the beginning of the season. Last year his rookie holdout, this year he has somehow pissed off team captain Vernon Davis. This is The San Francisco 49ers division if they want it this year. They have a great defensive minded coach in Mike Singletary. Add to that defensive mindset some lights out weapons on offence – Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, this team could be for real. That is if Michael Crabtree isn’t locker room cancer and Ted Ginn Jr. doesn’t drop everything he touches.

It doesn’t matter who wins this division anyway they will just go on to lose the Divisional Playoffs. Look for the 49ers to take this division, The Seahawks begging Bill Cowher for a meeting by game 5 and the Rams and The Cardinals to throw up on themselves. Seriouslly can we send this whole division up to Canada until they get better?

I think we can admit that the teams of the NFC West are pretty mediocre. What isn’t mediocre is the babes that follow these teams. Here is the hottest the NFC West has to offer.

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