NFL 2010 NFC South Preview: Who Dat Say Gonna Beat Dem Saints? It Could Be Atlanta Falcons

Who dat say gonna beat dem Saints? Dat would be The Atlanta Falcons Dat Who. Living in Yazoo, Mississippi I have my eye on a lot of the NFC South teams. Seeing Mississippi doesn’t have a pro team on Sundays we get what the local FOX affiliate thinks is the important game of the week. This year I expect to see a lot of the Atlanta Falcons and The reining Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints.

One thing you can say about this division is that it is true to it’s name. The NFC South has 4 true southern football teams in it’s division. It doesn’t get more redneck than Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. All four of those states have more trailers than teeth. In true southern smash mouth football tradition the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints look to be forces in the NFC this year.

The New Orleans Saints return pretty much intact. With the exception of stud defensive back Darren Sharper being on the pup list the roster remains the same from last year. This team seems confident they can repeat, I for one believe they can. Drew Brees seems to get better every year; Reggie Bush is back without out his bush. Looks like Kim Kardasian and Reggie called it quits. The receiving corps is intact and the coolest TE in the game Jeremy Shockey is healthy and ready to go. The only team in this division that may be able to dethrone the New Orleans Saints is The Atlanta Falcons.

Like most analysts this year I like Matt Ryan. This looks to be his break out year. Matt has weapons. Roddy White, Michael Turner, Michael Jenkins and HOF bound TE Tony Gonzales. This is an offence on paper that should be able to score at will. I am looking for Atlanta to be a top 5 offense this year.A top five offence thet twice this year has to face a New Orleans Saints defense that has scarily gotten better. We will see on September 26 when these teams face each other at The Superdome who is the division powerhouse.

The team in the NFC South that should be using the “Who Dat? Chant” is the Carolina Panthers. When this team is announced to the fans on opening day “who dat” will come out of the fans mouths after each introduction. I have heard of a team having a no name offence or a no name defense. The Carolina Panthers have a no name team. The big name on the team Steve Smith is out with a broken arm he received playing flag football. That leaves the scoring responsibilities on rookie Jimmy Clausen and DeAngelo Williams. Hopefully DeAngelo Williams’ running skills can setup the passing game. By this I mean set up Jim Clausen to throw plenty of picks.

As bad as having a no name roster is it is even worst to have a roster like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a roster where you recognize the names and say “he is still playing?” or “god he sucks!”. This roster has old timer Ronde Barber still on defense. Ronde’s twin brother Tiki retired four years ago. What the hell is Ronde doing still playing ball. Speaking of balls Kellen Winslow and his swollen testicals are also on this squad. Kellen has spent more time on the IR and PUP list than he has on the field. I don’t see this year being any different.

At quarterback we have Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson. There is no quarterback controversy here they both suck. Both Joshs would be backups on any other team, including The Carolina Panthers.

I see the New Orleans Saints taking the division with The Atlanta Falcons following them into the playoffs via the wild card. We all expect Tampa Bay to suck, even Tampa Bay does and I see the Clausen Experiment blowing up in Carolina.

One thing about the south we have the hottest women on the planet. Check out these NFC South smokeshows while I call my cousin Josh and let him know Tampa bay is letting anybody named Josh play quarterback.

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