Online Prostitution Moves From Craigslist to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Xbox’s Microsoft Live

17 Attorney Generals from 17 states petitioned Craigs List with threats of lawsuits to shut down its adult services section. The AGs argued that the Adult Services section in Craigs List was the largest conduit for online communications for prostitutes and Johns. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley sited Philip Markoff better known as ‘The Craigs List Killer” in her message to the website.

Markoff meet Julissa Brisman, 26, a massage therapist on Craigs List. Philip Markoff robbed and shot Julissa Brisman in a Boston Hotel.

Some in law enforcement claimed the thinly veiled sexual solicitations on CraigsList allowed them to target prostitutes and their benefactors. One law enforcement officer who asked not to be named said that shutting CraigsList will scatter prostitutes to every corner of the internet. He went on to say “one place they are starting to quickly appear is Xbox’s Microsoft Live. “

Xbox’s Microsoft Live is the video gaming and social networking aspect tided to Microsoft’s gaming system. What makes this platform so attractive for online solicitations is Xbox Live ties to almost every social networking service. Users can access their Twitter and Facebook accounts and can also communicate directly with other users.

One gamer told us it will be much harder for law enforcement to target prostitutes on the gaming network. “Gamers have their own language and are typically savvier” we were told by Chet a 24 year old IT worker in Florida who frequently uses Xbox hookers. Making it harder to target prostitution, Xbox hookers will typically enlist someone else to “Host” their message that will be pushed out to other gamers. One game that is a favorite of online gaming prostitutes is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

A typical message on Call of Duty is “a friend of mine is hosting a “10th prestige lobby for 1600 Microsoft points.” The message will be sent out to “all friends and recent players” and will sometimes have the tag that all “mods and weapons” are included.

All “mods and weapons” is gamer hooker lexicon for anything goes. We spoke to “Jenny” a hooker who moved her services from Craigs List to Xbox Live. “Xbox Live gives me access to hundreds of thousands of horny gamers” Jenny told us during an Xbox Live chat. “We can get paid via Pay Pal or Microsoft Points it makes things so much easier to move money”. Jenny also told us in gamer hooker code 1600 Microsoft points is slang for $160, 10th prestige lobby tells us she is in the 10th U.S. State – Virginia.

Law Enforcement is now preparing for the release of Call of Duty: Black Opps in November. Our unnamed source told us “to be prepared for the release of the next wave of prostitution on Xbox police officers across the country are logging in countless hours on Xbox”. It is good to know Police are prepared to crack down on web’s next home for prostitution.